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Eye Pillows aid in relaxing and healing the eyes by applying gentle massaging pressure and cutting out all light which allows the body to produce melatonin which aids in resting.

The cooling effect of the flax seeds pull tension out of the eyes and head and also facilitate rest. It has been reported to help reduce eye strain, puffiness and headaches as well as encourage rest. Lavender adds another layer of relaxation.

Silk is a natural insulator. It is light and allows the flax to do its job. Silk also helps the wearer to maintain their own self authority in challenging circumstances.

THe smooth Silk Charmeuse feel luxurious on the face and eyes. The slightly textured Doupioni is nice and smooth but it also stays on the face a little easier than the more slippery Charmeuse

Use by laying face up and placing the eye pillow over the eyes and forehead. The extra wide design can be used to block the light even when saying on the side.

Available in two designs both filled with flax seed and lavender (or not for unscented)

1. Sleepy Eye Pillow in a removable silk pillow is 17.95

2. Head and Eye Pillows are a single layer of silk hand sewn shut. They are 19.95


Head & Eye Pillow
Head & Eye Pillow

Sleep Eye Pillow