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Organic Herbal Mineral Sea Salt Bath Scrubs

Ingredients: One of more of the following herbally infused Organic Oils: Sunflower Olive, Jojoba, Shea Butter and/or Coconut. Mineral salts and Sea Salts including Dead Sea Salt. Pure Essential oils. The Color is from the herbal infusions.

Custom scents can be arranged. Please call or email with requests!

These are packaged in a high density plastic jar for safety sake for use in wet bathing situations Containing 8 oz of salt scrub.

Value of Body Scrubs: Various salts have differing amounts of trace minerals which can help to nourish and cleanse the skin while it is scrubbed. Dead Sea salts are prized for their cosmetic and skin soothing value. Salts and oils have been used for centuries for their unique cleansing, antiseptic and moisturizing propertied. The salts are then combined with herbal ingredients for extra healing value. Sugars are a better choice for sensitive skin. After a scrub and rinse the skin is polished and ever so soft and moisturized.

Using Your Scrub: Keep the jar closed and in a cool, dry area. Do not bring the jar into the shower or bath. Ideally use a clean spoon or popsicle stick to scoop single portions into a paper or plastic cup. A salt scrub can be applied and rubbed onto the skin. The trick with a salt scrub is only applying a small amount of salt at a time, ensuring the skin is thoroughly scraped. A thick handful of salt can be less effective, because the grains of salt transfer their energy to each other, rather to the skin. The oil and herbal ingredients in the salt scrub help to polish the skin while it is being exfoliated. There are many scrubbing techniques out there, but this one is good for people who like to long baths. Soak in a nice hot bath for about 10 minutes then let various parts of your body dry off a bit and gently scrub your body section by section, of course, avoid very sensitive areas or broken skin. It will be necessary to kneel to get your torso air dried before applying the scrub. Rinse off the scrub as you move around the body. Be careful as the tub may be slippery from the oil.

Another way to really exfoliate is to simply rub it gently onto your skin before you shower or in the middle of the shower stop the water, scrub down and then rinse. It should feel rough, but not painful. Don't scrub too hard or too long: you just want to rub away the dead skin cells, not the entire top layer of skin. After you're finished, shower as usual. Your skin should feel soft and fresh, with a hint of the fragrance you chose. After bathing use a good moisturizer to seal in the goodness!

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