Click to enlargeSoothing Sac (Muffler size)

The gross grain straps of the Muffler size Hot Rocks-Soothing Sac hold the 100% cotton flannel sac tightly around the neck and throat.

It can be used as a muffler all winter.

During hot weather it also makes a great cooling neck wrap if left in the freezer. This is a popular use for gardeners and outdoors people!

Simply heat it up for 1-2 minutes in the microwave and it will stay warm from 15-120 minutes (depending on many variables). These are wonderful for holding in the body's heat so work well as a muffler even when reheating is not possible. These are best suited for small to average sized people as they may not reach around the neck of someone well muscled.

This size is also useful as wrist support while at the computer or keyboard. Many people have also used them across the face to ease migraines and other headaches. Size approximately 4.5" x 18"

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