Auric and Energy Cleansing mist.
Keep your personal Energy field clean and free from outside influences that may not be supportive to your highest good!

Available in both Mister top 2 (11.95) or 4 oz.(17.95) cobalt blue glass atomizers and refill bottles used to fill the mister topped bottles. The refills come in 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz sizes.

This mist contains a very strong blend of essential oils & menthol crystals dissolved in water with jojoba oil and a bit of alcohol to keep it fresh.

Possible uses for this Mist

1. Cleanse and Freshen work space: Energy workers mist their work space between clients

2. Cleanse the energy of physical space like a motel/ hotel room. Meeting room etc. by misting the upper and lower corners.

3. Close personal Aura by misting the back of the neck

4. Pain relief - Spray on to any stiff or sore body part carefully avoiding the eyes and let it be. No need to rub it in. It may take a few minutes to activate. It’s especially nice for backs. A Customer using the Muscle Mist for Arthritis Pain Reported that this product has saved her $400.00 a month because it works better for her than her prescription for Arthritis.

5. Decongestant - Use in a humidifier or steam bath to open the sinuses or simply spray the chest and breathe in. (Especially helpful for bronchial problems.)

6. Headaches – Spray a bit your finger tips and gently rub on both temples, ear lobes between the eyebrows and /or at the base of the neck (are careful not to get it in the eyes).

7. Fatigue –Menthol enlivens awareness so spray a bit on the neck and shoulders or on a tissue and breathe deeply. It also enhances memory retention.

8. Bug bites/ itchy skin – Use on itchy areas to fool the body and stop the itch (at least temporarily) the area cools off and forgets to itch. Some ingredients are mild bug repellents.

9. Cooling - Lightly spray on the back of the neck and let the menthol do its job.

10. Carpal tunnel - Spray on wrist area to increase circulation. Let pain and strain evaporate away!